Cards Against Mundanity


Increase company team perfomance and productivity in under an hour

The game you are about to play is best on famous research (that appeared in the New York Times), and Google's three year research project on building "the perfect team." 

"30% of people rated the relationship they just created with a complete stranger as closer than the closest relationship in 45 minutes." This came from Psychologist and Professor Arthur Aron's study that has been replicated dozens of times. 

I've taken that powerful research and boiled it down to a simple, fun game that any organization (or group of people can use ... even friends or family). 

It's a question and answer game. You pick the type of question you want to answer, read the card, answer it, and then the next person goes. At the end, each person gets one minute to share one thing they learned about three different people. That's it.

The magic is what happens AFTER you play the game. 

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